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Services & Relationship Counselling

The main issues I work with are broadly broken down in eight sections, however nobody fits into one clear box. Feel free to call or e-mail for an informal chat and we can find the best way forward for you.  For relationship therapy information please call on 07745720422.

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Procrastination, laziness, lack of energy or direction, call it what you will, it affects us all from time to time. Together we will get you back on track.

The drugs don't always work. A state of deep perpetual sadness which cuts us off from the outside world is very often the result of our life's circumstances or past. There is a better way of being.

Insomnia, palpitations, breathlessness,  cold sweats, over eating, agitation, unable to focus, digestive issues, headaches are only some of the symptoms. There is a better way of living to heal and thrive.

Addiction is complex and difficult.  Together we shall devise a way out especially for you. 

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Anger can be destructive in many ways, transform this very human reaction into positive energy for healing, change, and development.

Mostly based in conscious or sub-conscious experiences. These are effectively removed through some simple psychological relearning. I invite you to free yourself.

A loved one, a home, a pet, a job, a dream, a career, a family live, or unborn.  Grief and bereavement in its many ways hurts us.  There is hope and life closer with help.

How we feel about ourselves is very much about how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. This can be a wonderful transformative journey of discovery, development.

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